Private Podiatry and Chiropody Care in  Sandy Bedfordshire UK
A comprehensive service for all your foot care needs

The Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists

The Two Counties Foot Clinic Ltd is registered company no 9758707 trading at

2 Belfry Court,
Bedfordshire, SG19 1JR

Tel: 01767 692822    Mobile:07841 033014

Advanced effective Verruca & Wart treatments

Fungal Nails

Ingrown nails treated including Nail Surgery

Diabetic Patients - specialist care and reports

Heel Pain and injuries treated

Orthotics prescribed

Wounds and Ulcers

Sports injuries & children ailments

Laser Therapy


Our specialities include diabetic patients - Full assessment with specialist care and treatment undertaken. Temporary & permanent orthotics can be prescribed, treatment of wounds and ulcers, First appointment - consultation & full assessment undertaken, treatment of verrucas & warts including cryrotherapy and salicylic acid treatment ( if compatible). Laser Therapy.

Full details of our specialist treatments are available; call about your particular problem